Nimesh Pinnamaneni
Co-Founder & CEO

Nimesh oversees design, engineering and manufacturing of the company’s DNA synthesis products. He founded Helixworks with the ultimate goal of making DNA synthesis technology advanced enough to fulfill the promises that biotech holds, in our lifetime.


Sachin Chalapati
Co-Founder & CTO

Sachin oversees the scientific research and product development at Helixworks. He makes sure the ideas and theories on paper pave their way to become real, verifiable and valuable products. He co-founded Helixworks to apply the biological machinery to make novel and breakthrough applications and products.


Eshna Gogia
Global Ecosystem Development

Eshna is responsible for developing business partnerships with key stakeholders in the ecosystem. An environmental and sustainability enthusiast she likes the idea of leveraging Biotechnology to build microscopic factories that can make everything from dairy products to fabrics and other luxury products. She loves exploring the startup ecosystem and blogs about new technological insights.


Conor Crosbie
Biomolecular Engineer

Conor has a degree in genetics and has been engineering the molecular science at Helixworks for three years. It’s not just genetics he enjoys most, if not all sciences from the galaxy-sized to the sub-atomic. He wants to play a role in blending biological and information technology worlds together, so that one day people can encode their favourite memes in DNA.