Q. what does helixworks do?

A. Helixworks designs, manufactures and sells DNA-based Data Storage technologies. Our goal is to make DNA an engineering substrate. Helixworks designs and builds tools to compute with DNA in order to answer the globe’s growing challenges with materials currently used in Information Technology. Our engineers make use of in-house DNA synthesis technologies to design and build new products across multiple industries. Check out HelixID and MoSS.


Q. where is helixworks headquartered?

A. Helixworks Technologies is based out of Cork, Ireland where it has its operations and R&D. Helixworks is located in the Environmental Research Institute on Lee Road (Google Maps).


Q. where is the company incorporated?

A. Helixworks Technologies is incorporates as a private company in the Republic of Ireland.


Q. is encoded dna edible? is helix.id approved by the FDA?

A. Yes, it is edible. DNA is what makes up all life on this earth, and all foods consumed contain DNA. HelixID will satisfy FDA published ‘Final Guidance documentation on the use of Physio-Chemical Identifiers” (PCIDs)’. Additionally, Helixworks will get an independent third-party assessment to classify HelixID’s safety level for clients project.


Q. i like your mission. how much dna would it take to store all of humanity’s knowledge?

A. With the DNA of 20 smart, passionate and hungry people, we could store all of humanity’s knowledge for eternity. Let’s make it happen!


Q. where does helixworks obtain its dna from?

A. Helixworks utilises it’s proprietary enzymatic DNA synthesis and DNA-based Data Storage technologies to design and manufacture DNA de novo.