There are spurious versions of all types of medicines in the market: branded drugs, generic and over-the-counter drugs and even herbal medicines. A fake medicine may contain no active ingredient, harmful ingredients, wrong chemicals, wrong dose concentration and expired drugs. 

Counterfeit medicines post a risk of treatment failure and to the safety of patients. These products can be found across the globe and they look identical to the authentic versions often making them difficult to detect. 

There have been initiatives by health authorities and law agencies to prevent the distributions of counterfeits and larger organizations are attempting to bring about new technologies to authenticate their products. Majority of companies worldwide are following mandatory methods such as serialization involving the use of barcodes. These barcodes can be read by machines to provide information about each packet of medicine. However, these barcodes are highly susceptible to getting copied by simple machines like printers and smartphones and make their way into the actual supply chain. 

We are more than a series of numbers

Helixworks has developed a sustainable solution to enable transparent and full-proof anti-counterfeit supply chains across the Pharma industry. Producers and processors can integrate Helixworks' proprietary technology to combat this global threat and ensure the provenance of pharmaceutical products. 

HelixID contains unique code that provides data from source-to-product. The type of data that can be stored in HelixID is agnostic, you can store information such as chemical proportions, source of chemicals, manufacturing unit etc. You can seamlessly embed HelixIDs onto your product at any stage in your value chain. They can be integrated into several ways, such as pharma-grade ink, coatings on tablets, as a part of the recipe, raw materials and packaging materials.

We are not a just label on the package, we are the package. 

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Eshna Gogia