F&B Supply Chain

Free Range, Organic, fat-free, vegan, no pesticides, hormone-free, no added sugar are labels that often raise awareness amongst consumers about the food and beverages they are purchasing. However, a modern consumer is constantly in search of product information that helps them look into the journey of a product. From farming and sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the product, they seek transparency. 

The key to consumer’s heart is ensuring their safety and serving them with the authentic products. F&B companies have always been under scrutiny to maintain a trail of their product’s life cycle. Not only it helps in product recalls and withdrawals but it also protects a brand’s identity. 

Trust, Safety and Protection 

As we increasingly hear about incidents like mislabeling, adulteration in daily use commodities, intentional substitutions and dilutions in the F&B supply chain, there is a need to rebuild public confidence in the supply chain. What if you could keep a check on the quality of your product at each stage before it gets to the consumer? With the use of HelixID it is possible.  

Applying HelixID to F&B Products

Helixworks provides benefits to all the parties involved in a supply chain especially safeguarding the final product. HelixIDs can be added to your product to identify, enhance and authenticate your claims from farm to table by giving each product a unique identity. HelixIDs can store various types of data such as the farm where the produce was harvested, warehouse and storage data including food safety certifications and transportation data. 

Benefits of HelixID

HelixID can be integrated at any point in your existing supply chain. Brands can verify all the claims, remove adulteration from the process, real-time data can be obtained across the supply chain and most importantly quality consistency can be maintained. Some of the features of HelixIDs include: 

  • Counterfeit-proof and cannot be copied 

  • Customized according to your needs

  • Integration methods include: food-grade ink, coating materials, addition to any ingredients or can be added to packaging materials

  • Product Agnostic

  • Inert and safe in nature

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Eshna Gogia